Financial Institutions

Auditing assurance for banks and credit unionsAt Barraclough & Associates, P.C., we provide services to banks and credit unions.  These services include audits, agreed upon procedures, loan review, compliance test work and mergers and acquisitions.  In addition we prepare the required income tax filings, whether it be profit orientated or nonprofit orientated.

Barraclough & Associates, P.C. is committed to compliance with all audit requirements and standards, and we emphasize providing audit services that add value for our clients.  Audit standards require auditors to be engaged by and report directly to the Board of Directors and/or Audit committee.  We enhance the value of the audit by maintaining an open line of communication with management, the Board and the Audit committee for key accounting and auditing issues.  Our annual audit includes an allocation of advisory time for management, the Audit Committee or the Board.  This allows our professionals to consult on questions concerning the audit without added costs.

We primarily compete with national or larger firms, and the success that we have had against our larger counterparts proves time and time again that they cannot compete with the level of service we provide.  While our larger competitors may be very good at marketing, they often times have a hard time delivering on marquee promises.

Our audit and assurance services include:

  • Audits of banks
  • Audits of credit unions
  • Internal auditing services
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions

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