Tax Planning and Compliance

Santa Fe tax planning and complianceTax rules and regulations are always changing. That’s why it’s so important to seek out the guidance of CPAs who understand the implications these changes can have on your tax obligations.

At Barraclough & Associates, P.C., a Santa Fe CPA firm, we know that good tax planning – both for you and for your business - is critical to minimizing your taxes. We take an ongoing, strategic approach to tax planning. This approach helps you minimize your taxes and take advantage of strategies like capitalizing on business deductions or finding tax-friendly ways to run your business.

Whether you are an individual, partnership, S-corporation, C-corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), or any other type of business entity, let our personalized tax compliance and tax planning services help you minimize your short-term taxes and plan for long-term profitability.

We offer tax planning and consulting for the following:



Trusts and Estates

Non Profit Organizations

State and Local Taxation

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